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AI-powered Building Code Answers

Don't dig through endless building codes. Just ask a question and get a digestible answer with references and links to the relevant sections of NEC, IBC and WI SPS.

AI Building Codes
AI Building Codes

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Saving time, every time.

“Before using The Code Gopher, I'd waste hours flipping through code books. Now, I just ask my question and get an answer in seconds. It’s a real game changer for my productivity on the job site.”

Mike H.

“This tool is the real deal. It's like having a code expert right in your pocket. Saves me a ton of time and hassle.”

Tom C.

“I'm no tech whiz, but The Code Gopher makes it easy. I just type in what I need, and bam, there’s my answer. It’s helped me avoid mistakes and speed up my work.”

Bill N.

“Every minute counts when you’re on the clock. The Code Gopher helps me find code info fast, letting me finish jobs quicker and move on to the next. Couldn’t imagine working without it now.”

Randy W.

“This tool has been a lifesaver on complex jobs. Quick answers, easy to use, and I don’t have to carry heavy code books around anymore.”

Joe T.
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